3 Unique Window Film Options for Austin Businesses

Business owners are always looking for effective preventative solutions that can help save money, resources, and time. Having these measures in place can offer a lot of peace of mind as well as tangible benefits. Even though there are so many different options to explore, one of the favorites among commercial property owners is window film. Here are three unique window film options for your Austin business.

The Unique Benefits of Window Film for Your Austin Commercial Property

  • EMF Protection/RF Blocking Window Film: EMF sensitivities can stem from a number of health conditions, causing undesirable symptoms and discomfort. If you require EMF protection in a certain area of your commercial space, there is window film available for blocking EMF and RF. This solution is often utilized in isolated parts of a building so that other areas still have connectivity.
  • Bird Strike Prevention Film: Also known as bird safety film or fritted window film, bird strike prevention can be achieved with this specialty window film product. Create a peaceful environment free from bird collisions in order to minimize maintenance needs and help with bird conservation.
  • Casper Cloaking Film: Do you need some technological security in certain areas? Things like conference rooms and customer areas sometimes require a delicate solution that helps protect data while doing so with a more subtle solution. Casper Cloaking Film is a decorative film that only conceals content on electronic screens, making sure they appear black from the exterior.

Work With Austin’s Preferred Commercial Window Film Contractor

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