Three Ways Austin Schools and Universities Can Benefit From Window Film Installation

Life is unpredictable. Still, there are some matters that can’t be left to chance, like the safety and well being of our schools. School board members are educators are under more pressure than ever before. Violence on campus continues to pose risk to students’ lives. And schools face increasing budget cuts each year, leaving districts to operate on tight resources.

As a result, many schools are turning to creative solutions to help keep their campus operating and protect staff and students. And one of the changes that many Austin schools are making is window film installation. Window film can be used for a variety of educational buildings and has many benefits, from protecting children at a preschool to lower energy costs for a university. Window film offers an all in one solution for the many challenges that Austin schools face, and it’s a project that can be accomplished with only paying a small upfront investment.

Three Remarkable Ways Your School, College, or University Can Benefit from Window Film

Few people realize that window film can be used for more than just car windshields. But the reality is that window film has been a best kept secret among interior designers and architects for decades. Window film is renowned for its ability to block out heat and uv rays, preventing fading and keeping rooms from becoming uncomfortable. It’s often used in luxury spaces.

In the past few years, window films have become more versatile and affordable than ever before. And many schools have caught on to the benefits. Recently, schools have started to using window film for everything from reducing glare to a substitute for bullet proof glass. Here are just some of the ways your Austin school or university can use window film to its advantage:

1. Deflect vandalism attempts and intruders.
By installing window film, schools can protect bathrooms, playgrounds, and furniture from being vandalized and prevent breaks in and injuries.

2. Create alluring interiors.
Window film is great for creating custom logos, adding color to white spaces, and even creating privacy.

3. Block out heat and uv rays.
Energy saving window films can reduce energy costs tremendously for schools by blocking out infrared and uv light that causes fading and high utility costs.

Upgrade Your School or University with Window Film

Protect your staff and students and save money with window film for your Austin school or university. Call Window Film Austin today to schedule an appointment.

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