How Your Downtown Austin Office Can Benefit From Privacy Window Film

The Benefits of Privacy Window Film for Your Austin Office

In today’s business ecosphere of startups, entrepreneurs, and creatives, along with established companies, there is a wide array of the types of offices we are seeing. Traditional offices with cubicles and conference rooms will probably never truly go away, but with many people working from home or using mobile offices, coworking spaces are on the rise. There are many of these in Austin, including Vessel Coworking, Impact Hub Austin, and Journey Coworking, to name a few. As a business owner or building manager in a collaborative work environment or otherwise in a more traditional setting, you recognize the need for privacy for your tenants, employees, and visitors. A clever way to add privacy without sacrificing design in your Austin office is to install privacy window film.

Privacy Window Film Benefits

What is privacy window film? It is a frosted or colored vinyl film that adheres to glass windows, instantly creating a privacy barrier. Cost-effective and easy to install, privacy window film is a solution that businesses across the world and here in Austin are implementing to improve privacy, security, comfort, and safety in their office spaces. The benefits of privacy window film are numerous:

  • Improves privacy and safety
  • Decreases the “fishbowl” effect
  • Affordable
  • Attractive
  • Can be customized
  • Can include your branding
  • Can be frosted or colored
  • Comes in many shapes and sizes
  • And more


Large clear glass windows are undeniably beautiful and can offer unobstructed views. However, sometimes large windows allow people to see things perhaps they shouldn’t, and that is where privacy window film comes in. In addition, the cleaner windows are, the more likely employees and guests may run into them, which is a rare but serious concern. With thoughtfully placed window film in your Austin office, privacy and safety are both accomplished.

Privacy Window Film from Window Film Austin

Window Film Austin has been taking care of Austin business owners for decades. Contact us today for more information on privacy window film for your Austin office space. Let us help you create the privacy and design aesthetic that will enhance your workspace for years to come. We are proud to be part of our Austin business community and want to make you look good.


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