How to Choose Security Film for Your Austin Home

Installing a residential security window film can help keep your Austin home and family safe from intruders, accidents, and severe weather. There are many different options of security window film to choose from, however it’s important to understand that not all films are created equal. While lower quality films may seem tempting due to their affordability, these films generally do not perform as well as a high quality tint. However, some high quality films, like ballistic resistant film, can get quite pricey, and may be more advanced than what you actually need.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help. We’ll walk you through all the different options for adding residential security film to your Austin home. We can help you find a film that meets your needs in a practical way and still falls within the realm of your budget. We provide all of our clients with free consultations and are always available to answer questions before, after, or during your project.

Residential Security Film Applications

Residential security film can be installed on both new windows and used to retrofit existing windows for adding strength and security. There are many benefits of installing security window for your home that you and your family can enjoy, including added privacy, energy reduction, accident mitigation, and more.

Storm Protection
Severe storms and floods can be catastrophic, sometimes causing damage to entire neighborhoods. Window tint can help protect your home from nature’s worst and keep your family safe.

Glass Strengthening
Glass is fragile. Without some sort of protection, it can be easily chipped, scratched, or broken. Window tint can help strengthen the windows and glass doors of your home, preventing breakage or damage.

Solar Benefits
Did you know that security window tint can also save money on energy costs? Window tint prevents your home from absorbing excess heat, allowing your air conditioning system to run more efficiently and effectively.

Privacy Benefits
It’s easy for strangers and solicitors to see into entryway sidelights or large street facing windows. Window tint protects your family’s privacy and comfort by creating an aesthetically pleasing barrier for your windows that blocks out views while letting in light.

Break In Protection
Even the quietest and cleanest of neighborhoods are susceptible to criminal activity. Window tint can help protect your family, pets, and personal belongings from break and enters by slowing down and deterring perpetrators.

Tempered Glass Alternative
Tempered safety glass is a type of specialty glass used for windows located near showers, pools, and stairs. Though it’s a requirement of modern building codes, it can be expensive. Window tint offers an economical alternative that can help fortify vulnerable glass.

Security Window Film Brands

3M Safety & Security Window Film
3M has been manufacturing innovative technologies for over 100 years. Their security window films are among the most advanced on the market and protect against severe dangers like high speed winds, physical trauma, and even deadly forces like explosions.
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Llumar Safety & Security Window Film
Llumar’s top grade security films are trusted by homeowners all across North America. Llumar Safety & Security Films absorb energy from impact, effectively retaining glass shards and preventing accidents, intrusions, and injury.
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Huper Optik Safety & Security Window Film
Designed to be crystal clear and 100% transparent, Huper Optik films provide clear protection for homes and residential properties. Huper Optik films create a strong defensive barrier that bonds directly to glass and resists high levels of impact.
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Madico Safety & Security Window Film
No matter what comes your way, be it severe storms, stray sports gear, or rocks tossed up by your lawnmower, Madico SafetyShield films can keep you and your family safe. Madico window films increase the shatter resistance of glass and help prevent damage to interior surfaces and occupants.
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Hanita Coatings Safety & Security Window Film
If you’re looking for an extra strong clear security film, then Hanita SafetyZone is the choice for you. Hanita SafetyZone window films are tested to hold up to even the most stringent building code standards and can resist blows from tools, natural catastrophes, blasts, and more.
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Solar Gard Safety & Security Window Film
Looking to get the most of your window tinting project? Opt for the duel performance of Solar Gard! Solar Gard is energy saving film with amazing security benefits that can help protect your family from outside dangers and the sun.
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