What is the best window film for cold weather?

The chill of winter is not upon us yet here in Austin–but is surely on its way. So, you probably aren’t thinking about insulating your home against the cold air quite yet. But, as it happens, right now is the perfect time to start figuring out what home improvements you are going to make this fall for a better winter home. Window film is one of the best improvements for homes as a barrier against the cold weather. Beyond simply making your Austin home more comfortable–it keeps more money in your pocket month to month as well. With so many climate control window films out there though–which ones are the best for insulation and keeping out the winter chill? We have three brands we just love and that are ultra-effective for cold weather. Read on to find out more.

3Professional Picks For Cold Weather Window Films

  1. 3M Thinsulate: When it comes to climate control, 3M Thinsulate is a powerful tool to not only keep the sun out but also the heat in. A year-round film, this window film offers superior insulation for windows. Meaning with 3M Thinsulate you will retain the air you pay to heat while at the same time blocking out the chill of winter. A true workhorse, you also get all the benefits of a solar film like glare reduction and UV Protection with this window film.
  2. EnerLogic 70: This window film works hard against cold and looks good doing it. The visible light transmission of this film is right around 70%, meaning it will allow in similar plenty of natural light, but also block the cold air from seeping in through your windows. Enerlogic wins in the energy efficiency category since it can reduce heating costs as much as 10 percent in cold weather climates plus saves 33 percent more cooling-season energy savings than other films.
  3. SolarGard: Known to be an ideal window film for colder climates, SolarGard window films are especially powerful for homes that use more heating than cooling throughout the year. They are specifically designed to go beyond solar control and seal in the air you pay to heat in the winter. Even when temperatures are at their coldest, Solar Gard keeps the cold at bay and your heat from escaping. Plus, is incredibly effective for fade reduction and glare control.

To learn more about these films for keeping the cold at bay or for other film suggestions and pricing–contact Window Film Austin today.

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