Does Bird Strike Prevention Window Film Really Work for Austin Homes?

Has your home been experiencing bird collisions? Do birds often collide into your glass windows causing a stressful incident? If your windows are prone to bird collisions, this can lead to significant glass damage and messy cleanups. You may have heard of fritted glass or fritted window film. Fritted window film, also known as bird strike prevention window film, is an effective solution for homes throughout the Austin area.

The Advantages of Bird Strike Prevention Window Film for Your Austin Home

Bird strike prevention window film is the best way to address this residential concern. Window treatments block natural sunlight and can look tacky. Don’t compromise your views or building aesthetics. This specialty window film offers a great way to alert birds of your glass windows and doors. The subtle decal patterns create a reflective look. The designs aren’t visible unless you’re up close. The reflective nature makes sure that birds can visually see that there’s a structure. Bird strike prevention film is an affordable solution and only costs a fraction of the price of fritted glass. With lowered glass repair and maintenance needs, homeowners can appreciate having a stress-free home environment. Don’t let the occasional jarring event make your home less relaxing. Fritted window film also helps with bird conservation.

Work with the Leading Source for Residential Bird Strike Prevention Window Film in Austin

Window Film Austin is proud to be the leading source for residential bird strike prevention window film in the Austin area. Our team has the largest selection of fritted window film and can help you find the perfect investment for defending your home. We always prioritize your time by providing fast, worry-free installations. Enjoy free in-home consultations and work with our incredible experts.

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