window film cleaning careWindow Film Cleaning & Care: Information for Austin Property Owners

There are many advantages to installing window film for your property. It bolsters security and helps keep people and property out of harm’s way. Buildings become more energy efficient and comfortable. And it provides numerous aesthetic benefits. On top of all this, window film is also an extremely low maintenance product. All it requires is occasional cleaning to remove dust. Below, instructions have been provided for window film cleaning and care for our Austin customers

Understanding the Basics of Window Film Maintenance

Window film requires no extra maintenance, so you don’t have to go out of your way to do anything to care for your windows any differently than you normally would. Just like ordinary glass, window film needs to be cleaned every once in a while to remove debris that accumulates on the surface. If you want to go the extra mile, you can polish the film with a silicone product once every few months, but this is not a requirement.

Instructions for Post Installation Care

The only exception to the information mentioned above is the drying period for window film after installation. Window film takes approximately one to four weeks to dry and cure.

During this time, it should be left undisturbed. This means that you should wait until the film sets before applying any cleaners.

While the film is drying, you may see a few water bubbles, air pockets, or haziness. Don’t try to fix this yourself. These issues will go away on their own. You’ll be able to tell when the film is dry because it will be crisp and clear, rather than cloudy. If you’re not sure, just reach out to your project manager.

How to Clean Your New Window Film

Window film cleaning is simple. Our Austin tinting experts recommend taking the follow steps to keep the film clear, clean, and beautiful:
1. Create a soapy solution to clean the film with. Avoid ammonia-based cleaners and anything abrasive. We recommend a mild dish detergent and warm, but not hot, water.
2. Use a soft towel to evenly apply the soapy mixture across the surface of the film. A little bit of cleaning solution will go a long way. Use high quality paper towels or a microfiber cloth.
3. Remove all excess moisture and soap. You can use a soft, dry towel or something similar to what you used to clean it with.

Once you’re finished, your windows should look clean and clear of debris. You can repeat these steps as needed to preserve the crystal clarity of your windows.

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