Save Costs and Consider Metal Restoration for Austin Transit Centers

 Graffiti Shield Products for Transit Centers In Austin

Austin, TX is a thriving city with more and more people relying on our public transit systems each and every year. As such, keeping our city transit systems and fixtures should be a high priority, to greater serve the burgeoning population as it grows for years to come. One issue that is all too familiar to those who take the bus, trains and even in parts of the airport– is graffiti. Whether that graffiti be on mirrors in bus stations, metal in airport elevators or glass on trains–this vandalism is unsightly and leads to loss of ridership, in systems that are keeping our city more efficient. A cost-effective solution to graffiti in Austin transit systems of nearly any kind is Graffiti Shield films.

Metal Shield For Austin Transit System Metal Graffiti Restoration

Graffiti on metal can be incredibly expensive to remove and takes a long time to remediate as well. Furthermore, it often occurs in Austin transit elevators, making removal a hassle to transit passengers when they are down for weeks at a time during restoration. Metal Shield, a thick graffiti obscuring film, goes on top of the damage, making remediation a quick affair.

Glass Shield For Austin Transit System Glass Graffiti Removal

Likely the feature most commonly struck by graffiti in Austin transit systems is glass on trains, buses, and shelters. This type of damage is hard to remove and quickly comes back removal–costing Austin a lot of money in repairs. Glass Shield, which acts as a sacrificial layer on glass, protects the actual layer but is easily and cost-effectively removed once marked–saving the city the cost of replacing or resurfacing glass transit features.

Mirror Shield For Austin Transit System Mirror Graffiti Removal

Once a mirror in an Austin transit system bathroom is marked by graffiti it is ruined and must be replaced to be useful and unmarred again. However, not with Mirror Shield. This amazing film mimics the appearance of a mirror and is applied on top of estimate the graffiti damage for a beautiful, new, unmarked finished. Best of all, should the mirrored film be marked again, it is easily and cost-effectively removed.

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