The Best Bird Collision Deterrence

Bird collisions are a sad, but true reality. Here in the United States, there is no national building code that regulates bird safety measures. In big cities, bird strikes are especially common due to the large number of buildings with expansive glass walls and multi-story windows. It’s estimated that approximately one billion birds lose their lives each year in our country from colliding with glass. And the blame falls entirely on us humans.

The good news is, more and more cities are starting to recognize bird strikes as an issue. Recent years have seen the development of a number of city laws that call for bird safety measures during the construction of a new building. As a property owner, it’s your responsibility to be aware of these codes and implement a bird collision deterrence that complies.

What Is the Best Bird Collision Deterrence?

Truly, the best bird collision deterrence you can invest in is bird safety film. Austin home and commercial property owners can purchase these films affordably and have them installed hassle-free by a local window tinting company. Doing this helps you stay compliant with city and county laws and also protects birds in the Austin area.

How Does Bird Safety Film Work?

Bird safety film works by making glass walls and windows easier for birds to identify. Bird collisions happen because birds often mistake glass as being something else due to its reflective nature. If a tree or bush is located nearby, its image may be reflected in the glass. Birds can’t tell the difference between what is a reflection and what’s not. So they fly right into what they believe is a safe landing spot. In actuality, they’re hurling their fragile bodies towards a hard piece of glass that kills them instantly upon impact.

Bird safety films prevent this from happening by breaking up reflections and outlining glass panes. They contain decorative designs and perforations on their outer surface that make glass easier to see. The birds see the patterns and fly in another direction, avoiding what would otherwise be a serious accident.

Learn more by reading this pamphlet from Solyx: Bird Safety Film Specs and Benefits

Install Bird Safety Film for your Property

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