Case Study: Hotel Captures Stunning Views While Blocking Harsh UV Rays

Hotel accommodations always have to put the customer first. That’s why this hotel reached out to us to find a solution for their glare and UV problem. While many hotels look for energy-saving window film, this property already had the top of the line glass installed. Their issue was the mid-day glare and harmful UV rays entering their property. They initially wanted roller shades or window treatments to block out the glare and UV radiation but found a much better solution with hotel window film.

The Benefits of Hotel Window Film for Your Austin Property

Hotel window film offered an effective way to block glare without blocking the stunning views from their floor to ceiling windows. Since there were so many windows throughout the property, it would’ve taken significant labor costs to ensure these window treatments were operated each day. Window film also offered SPF 1000 protection for their property. One of the challenges that we came across with this project was that due to the fact that they had so many windows on their property, it was important to find a neutral product that didn’t compromise how the property looked. We did many trial installations with different window film options so they could confidently install the right one on their entire property.

Work with Austin’s Top Hotel Window Film Contractor

Window Film Austin is proud to be the top hotel window film contractor serving the Texas area. We have the most extensive source of commercial window film in the nation, ensuring we’ll have the right product for your hospitality establishment. Our team is happy to work with you to find the right solution for your specific problem. Our goal is to optimize functionality and comfort with our solutions.

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