Glare Through Your Austin Windows Is Worse In The Winter: Window Film Can Help!

Why Winter Is The Time For Glare Reducing Window Film

Winter has come to Austin and what a winter it has been! The clouds cover the sun, it rains quite a bit and the days are shorter than ever. This is probably why–glare-reducing window film is not be something that is on your mind right now. But, the truth of the matter is, and also something most people don’t realize, glare is actually worse in the winter!

Is that surprising to you?

You are, by no means, alone. Almost everyone associates glare with the summer sun. So, although there is a lot of glare in the summer in Austin, it is actually more pronounced in the winter. The reasons these are simple and scientific.

Increased Glare From The Sun’s Position In The Sky

During the winter the sun sits lower in the sky because of the Earth’s axis, this means sun shines through your windows at a direct angle instead of from an overhead angle like in the summer.

Increased Glare From Less Tree Coverage

As you surely know Austin is lovely in the fall. The weather is mild, the leaves sometimes turn and like most places, they fall off the trees. This leaves your glass windows and door completely unblocked from the powerful sun–allowing harsh unchecked light to hit your windows

Glare Reducing Window Film For Winter Window Glare

These are the reasons glare increases dramatically in the winter, not necessarily the summer. So, what can you as an Austin homeowner do about it? Install window film because window film is like sunglasses for your home’s windows. It does a lot of things: blocks the glare, redirects glare, blocks 99.9% and cut down on furniture fading. Not to mention it saves you money too. All this from the simple application of window film on your Austin home!

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