Benefits of Installing Window Film Safety Distraction Marks in Austin Hospitals

Accidents can happen at any time, especially in the hectic chaos of a hospital. Glass partitions, doors, and rooms seem to be everywhere, making it important to have safety distraction marks on all of your glass. Commercial building code actually requires safety distraction marks on all interior glass walls and doors in order to prevent accidents from happening. In order to meet building code while defending patients and staff, safety distraction marks are crucial. Rather than replacing your expensive glass, window film can be used to achieve the same effect.

The Advantages of Safety Distraction Marks for Austin Hospitals

Safety distraction marks are used to keep everyone safe and to make sure they’re aware of any standing glass. While these are required by building code, the design isn’t regulated meaning your hospital can take advantage of this opportunity for better branding and marketing. Many companies use this chance to apply custom logos or create beauty that’s paired with functionality. Privacy decorative films can be used to create a bit of privacy while still adhering to this property code. Custom decorative film can be used for traditional safety markers or for a specialty design that acts as distraction markers. There are so many options available for making your Austin hospital safer, more attractive, and a host of other great benefits.

Work with Austin’s Preferred Window Film Contractor

Window Film Austin is honored to be the preferred window film contractor serving the Texas area. We have the largest collection of decorative window film and are happy to help you meet building code with this affordable solution. With custom graphic design available, you can display virtually anything as your safety distraction mark. We’ll work with you to find the right investment for your property.

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