Bomb Blast Window Film Applications and Benefits for Austin Properties

Austin unfortunately experiences higher violent crime and property crime rates due to its high population. Austin is also more susceptible to natural disasters and high winds due to its location. With so many unknown threats that can occur at any time, it’s vital for Austin property owners to invest in better security measures in order to protect building occupants, valuables, and their property. Bomb blast window film presents the opportunity for a budget-friendly solution to defend your property from numerous, potential threats.

Bomb Blast Window Film Benefits for Austin Commercial Properties

Bomb blast window film is engineered to resist high impact events. It shifts energy sideways in order to minimize effects of high impact events that can cause glass shrapnel. Glass shrapnel is the leading cause of blast-related deaths and significant injury. By mitigating this hazard in addition to flying debris, building occupants and valuables remain safer after any incident. Bomb blast film can ensure high impact events such as wind speeds of 140 mph, natural disasters, explosions, break-ins, burglaries, and much more. Installing bomb blast film on your Austin premise can protect your property even when you’re not present, defending lives and expensive investments. Bomb blast film has become a popular choice among secured buildings, government buildings, schools, arenas, stadiums, and many other public and commercial buildings.

Bomb Blast Window Film Installation Process for Austin Buildings

We begin every security project install with a bombs effect assessment, BEA. This BEA determines vulnerable points, most susceptible points of attack, cost-benefit analysis, and much more. The BEA allows Austin property owners to distinguish where bomb blast film will be affective and the most strategic places for installation. The BEA also provides important security recommendations on bomb blast products and attachment systems.

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