Making Austin Restaurants, Bars and Concert Venues Safer with Ballistic Resistant Window Film

Part of what makes Austin such an exciting place to live is its vibrant nightlife and entertainment scene. There are tons of great places to go enjoy music, dancing, and delicious food and drinks in Austin, from bars and clubs on 6th street downtown to the city’s 250 live music venues.

As exciting as all the activity can be, it’s important for business owners to remember that safety is always the first priority. Wherever there are crowds, there’s chaos. In large numbers, people can get out of hand and maintaining tight security becomes difficult.

In such situations, ballistic resistant window film can come in hand. By installing ballistic resistant window film for your Austin bar, restaurant, or concert venue, you can keep staff and patrons safe and protect your property from damage.

Keep Your Property Safe from Damage

Part of the excitement of going to a busy bar, concert, or restaurant is seeing all the surprising and unexpected things that happen. Embracing the chaos can be fun, so long as no one gets hurt or nothing gets broken. Something as simple as a beer can tossed across the room or a broken drumstick can create a big problem if a window gets broken. Broken glass pieces are sharp and can instantly cut through furniture, shred up flooring, and cause major damage to your building. By installing ballistic resistant window film for your Austin bar or venue, you can protect your property and prevent furniture, artwork, and equipment from being damaged.

Prevent Accidents & Injuries

Slip and falls are one of the leading causes of injury in bars, venues, and restaurants. It only takes a quick second for someone to slip on a puddle of spilled water or beer. Once they do, their foot can go flying through a window, leading to a serious injury. Protect your staff and patrons by using ballistic resistant window film to strengthen high risk windows in your building. Ballistic resistant window films are great for applying to windows near restrooms, dance floors, bar areas, and more. Save money by avoiding the cost of tempered glass and keep everyone safe.

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