Making Austin Restaurants, Bars, and Concert Venues Safer with Ballistic Resistant Window Film

When it comes to public safety, business owners are always on the lookout for premium security measures that won’t break the bank. Since businesses can actually be held accountable when it comes to injury and death of their patrons, safety has always remained a top priority. While security systems and personnel can manage the majority of incidents that can occur, there’s really only one measure that can offer comprehensive defense against gunshots. Ballistic resistant window film can really optimize safety in Austin restaurants, bars, and concert venues.

Benefits of Ballistic Resistant Window Film for Your Austin Restaurant, Bar, or Concert Venue

Restaurants, bars, and concert venues often house a large amount of guests that potentially are intoxicated. Providing ballistic resistant window film for these higher risk properties is pertinent in order to reduce risk of serious injury and death. Ballistic resistant window film provides extensive coverage against gunshots, explosions, break-ins, burglaries, natural disasters, freak accidents, and more. This innovative security system offers 24/7 protection even when you’re not there. With added strength and durability, your existing glass doors and windows won’t present additional harm during an event. Cleanup is also made simpler since glass pieces remain inside the frame. This leads to minimized operational downtime for your commercial property.

Security Assessment for Ballistic Resistant Window Film in Austin Restaurants, Bars, and Concert Venues

Window Film Austin has the trusted security team comprised of experts and civil engineers. Work with industry-leading specialists to find individualized plans for your specific property. Our on-site security assessment defines property vulnerabilities, cost-benefit analysis, strategic planning, estimates, product recommendations, and timelines. We work with all the leading manufacturers in order to provide you the right ballistic resistance security film system.

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