Is your business located in an urban or downtown setting? Have your business neighbors experienced recent issues with theft, break ins, vandalism, or other property crimes? If so, you may want to invest in anti graffiti film for your Austin commercial building. Designed by the experts at Graffiti Shield, anti graffiti film is a cost-effective solution for protecting your business from graffiti and other forms of vandalism.

How can anti-graffiti film save you money?

Anti graffiti film was designed for the sole purpose of solving issues related to vandalism. This highly durable, adhesive film can be applied to practically any surface and is nearly impossible to detect by the untrained eye. It can also cover up existing paint, scratching, or etching caused by graffiti and helps to protect metal surfaces against future damage.

Depending on the severity and placement, the costs associated with graffiti damage can be extremely high. Replacing an entire wall, panel, or other feature of your building can be not only a time consuming process, but it can also wreak havoc on your pocketbook. Anti graffiti film for Austin commercial businesses is a solution to this issue. This film is highly durable and protects the surface beneath it from being damaged. Once applied, if the film is vandalized, it can be easily removed and replaced.


Mirror & Glass

This protective film is designed to guard mirrors, windows, doors, and other glass areas from damage caused by scratching and etching. Its strict bonding properties are designed in such a way that it cannot be removed by the public but can be easily replaced by a professional.

Metal Shield

Available in a wide range of finishes, this 6 mil thick abatement protects aluminum, stainless steel, and metal surfaces from vandalism. It’s extremely durable in design so that even if the film is tagged, the surface beneath it won’t be damaged.

Acid etching protection

Acid etching is caused by a screwdriver or drill that has been dipped in acid and results in deep, intense scratches. All of Graffiti Shield’s anti graffiti films are designed for acid protection, keeping your building safe from even the most devious attacks.

Get protected today

Avoid being a victim to property crime. Outsmart vandals and protect your commercial building with anti graffiti film in Austin. Contact the experts at Window Film Austin for professional installation of graffiti protective products.

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