Due to new scientific advances, traditional window treatments have now become a thing of the past. Meet Drywired Liquid Nanotint®, a revolutionary product that’s designed to dramatically enhance the energy efficiency of your building by adding a highly durable thermal insulation coating to your windows. Unlike traditional methods, Nanotint doesn’t darken your windows or require any expensive renovations. And the best news is that installing this highly efficient, innovative product is as easy as applying a coat of paint. Liquid Nanotint can completely transform your Austin home or business into an energy saving and ecofriendly space.


Get the breakdown on how it all works

Liquid Nanotint is a liquid, self-leveling substance that’s applied to your windows just like paint. It works by bonding directly to glass and polycarbonate surfaces to improve building insulation and energy efficiency. Nanotint uses nanoparticles to mitigate thermal energy transfer, which regulates the temperature of indoor environments and cuts down heating and cooling costs. It’s effective in all climates and conserves energy while keeping your building bright and clear. Nanotint is so efficient in its design that it has the ability to:

  • Block out 100% of ultraviolet rays
  • Block out 95% of infrared light
  • Maintain up to 78% of visible light transmission

Applications for Liquid Nanotint in Austin

Did you know that approximately 40% of buildings in the United States have uninsulated single pane windows? That’s a pretty serious situation considering the fact that windows account for over a quarter of the heat transfer in your building. Liquid Nanotint can help you save serious money on energy costs. Some common applications for Liquid Nanotint in Austin include:

  • Historic building windows
  • Bent glass
  • Skylights
  • Textured glass
  • Residential glass
  • Commercial glass
  • Government building windows

Cut Down on Energy Spendings

Are you concerned that the glass windows in your building have poor insulation? Liquid Nanotint can provide you with the energy saving solution you need. Call Window Film Austin today to get Liquid Nanotint for your Austin home or business.

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