In this unpredictable world, there’s no telling when an accident will happen. The sad truth is that disaster can strike at any hour of the day for little to no reason at all. Safety and security window film for your Austin home can help protect the people that you love and keep your personal belongings safe. Window film provides defense against dangerous situations such as break ins, natural disasters, accidents, and more.


The Ultimate Defense against Crime & Accidents

Security window film works as a protective barrier for your home by strengthening and reinforcing your existing windows. It’s applied directly to exterior glass surfaces and is designed to make reduce the chances of breaking or shattering. In the case that an accident does occur, window film firmly holds the individual glass shards in place and maintains the integrity of your windows even after they’ve been broken. This helps to reduce damage caused to the interior and prevents intruders from entering your home.

Damage Control

If you have kids or pets that like to play in the yard, the chances are that an accident may occur from time to time. Stray balls or toys can easily make their way towards your home and come into contact with exterior glass surfaces. By keeping shattered glass in place, window film works to mitigate damage caused by accidents by preventing broken pieces of glass from entering your home. It is especially useful in homes that are prone to experiencing extreme weather such as flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters.

Break-In Defense

You love your family more than anything in the world. So of course you want to take all possible measures to keep them safe and protected. Security window film guards against break-ins, vandalism, and robbery by adding extra strength and resistance to your windows. When glass is broken or shattered, safety window film works to hold together individual glass pieces and makes forced entry more difficult for intruders. With window film, both your family and personal belongings will be well-protected at all hours of the day.

Protect what matters most

Keep your loved ones and your home safe from random acts of crime and accidents. Call Window Film Austin to have safety and security window film installed for your Austin home today.

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