Say goodbye to traditional security systems and meet the newest, most highly advanced glass protectant available in Austin, C-Bond solution. Designed to strengthen the physical structure of glass surfaces and window film products, C-Bond goes where no security window film has ever gone before. It’s ingeniously designed to alter the molecular structure of glass for optimal durability and resistance to shattering. Not even the most destructive offenders can penetrate C-Bond glass.


Scientifically Engineered for Maximum Strength & Security

The reality is that the world we live in is totally unpredictable. You can’t risk damage to your home, business, or the people that you care about. That’s why you need the finest security product on the market. C-Bond solution can defend your Austin building against virtually any threat, including:

  • Wind speeds up to 140 mph
  • Gunshots
  • Bomb blasts
  • Improvised explosive devices
  • Forced entry
  • Hurricanes

Industry Leading Nanotechnology

How exactly does C-Bond work? C-Bond is a water-based, 100% non-toxic solution that’s applied directly to glass doors, windows, and window film products. Unlike traditional window treatments, C-Bond solution works by actually enhancing the physical structure of glass.
Once applied, it penetrates deep into the pores of glass and reconfigures the microscopic fibers of its structure to resemble a spider web framework. It is this molecular enhancement and strengthening that makes C-Bond glass practically impossible to penetrate.

Applications & Uses for C-Bond in Austin

Whether you’re the owner of a new home or you run a small business in Austin, C-Bond can provide you with the protection you need. It’s used for a wide range of both commercial and residential applications such as:

  • Residential properties
  • Hotels
  • Gas stations
  • Commercial businesses
  • Financial institutions
  • Government buildings
  • Police and fire departments
  • Schools and universities
  • Airports

Protect Your Austin Home or Business with C-Bond Solution

Keep what matters to you most out of harm’s way. Contact Window Film Austin today to install C-Bond solution for your home or business.

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