Keep all aspects of your business guarded from a worst case scenario with safety and security window film in Austin. Our safety and security window film is designed to hold glass in place after it has been broken or shattered. Security film helps to reduce the chances that your business assets, equipment, and furniture will get damaged or stolen. Safety window film also helps to keep your employees and clients out of harm’s way in the occurrence of a natural disaster, attempted break in, armed intrusion, or random accident.

Advanced Design for Ultimate Security & Protection

Window film is scientifically engineered to strengthen the integrity of your glass walls and windows to prevent breakage and shattering. It makes forced entry a difficult task for intruders and helps to mitigate the costs associated with accident or damage.

Security window film is designed with a highly durable, strong polyester material which bonds to glass surfaces to add a protective layer. In the case that glass is smashed or broken, it tightly holds together individual glass shards. This can protect your items from being damaged or stolen and keep office workers from being harmed or injured.


Extreme Weather Protection

Floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters can cause extensive damage to buildings and could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. Safety window film adds an extra defensive layer to the outside of your building and helps to keep glass panels in place during extreme weather.

Defense Against Robbery

If your commercial building is furnished with expensive office equipment, you may want to consider installing security window film. Computers and other valuable electronic equipment are targeted items for many burglars. Security film helps to prevent theft by making glass windows and doors difficult to break and penetrate.

Mitigate Accident Damage

Accidents happen all the time. A stray ball from a child at play in the parking lot or knocked over construction equipment could easily find its way towards your office windows during any random time or day. Security window film can help to greatly reduce the extent of damage caused by accidents.

Get Peace of Mind

When you’re away from the office on vacation or after operating hours, you don’t want to have to spend your time worrying about what could happen to your business when you’re not there. Protect your commercial building from an unfortunate situation with safety and security window film. Our Austin window film experts can provide you with a fast, affordable installation today. Call Window Film Austin to schedule an appointment now.

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