Birds are innocent creatures. And we’ve made it difficult for them to exist in their natural habitat by constructing our homes where they live. Bird strike prevention window films help Austin residents make their home more bird friendly without altering exterior aesthetics. Installing fritted window film for your home is both an environmentally solution and a smart way to keep your pets and children safe.

Create an Environment that's Safe for Birds

Hundreds of birds die every day from glass collisions. These elegant creatures meet a brutal end when they innocently mistake reflections as sky and fly straight into the windows of our homes. Bird strikes aren’t just a disturbing issue. They’re also a serious one. We rely on birds to control pest populations, spread pollen, and feed other animals that we eat. Without them, the world as we know it will cease to exist. Bird strike prevention window films provide Austin homeowners with a way to protect local bird populations and prevent deadly collisions. These fritted window films make it easier for birds to spot windows so they can safely navigate their way around them.

At Window Film Austin, in addition to fritted films, we also offer an optically clear option called Bird Divert. Bird Divert is a cutting-edge bird safety window film designed to mitigate bird collisions. It is exclusively visible to birds, preventing accidents while remaining invisible to humans. Developed with advanced UV technology, it has received industry recognition and offers a 5-year warranty. Protect birds and your property in Austin with Bird Divert.

Prevent Accidents in Your Home

Birds aren’t the only ones that collide with glass. Dogs, cats, and even children rush into sliding doors and windows when they’re over-excited or distracted. If they hit the glass hard or fast enough, the injuries can be serious enough to require a trip to the hospital. By installing fritted window film for your Austin home, you can prevent these types of injuries and keep your loved ones safe. Fritted window films come in numerous styles, so you can select the pattern or design that appeals most to you. And the best part is, you can still enjoy those beautiful views of your garden or yard that you love so much.

Bird Strike Window Film for Austin Homes

Make your home a safer place for everyone, including birds. Call our office today to get a quote on bird strike window film for your Austin home or get more information about fritted window film options.

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