Our window film for Austin hospitals, schools, and government buildings is designed to provide occupants with the ultimate level of comfort and security. For hospitals, it creates a private space for your patient rooms, providing maximum comfort for visitors or residents. In schools and government buildings, window film helps keep your site safe and secure. In addition to this, window film can help increase the energy efficiency of your public building and save you money on electrical costs.


Hospitals & Healthcare

A medical facility requires a large amount of privacy due to the incredibly personal nature of patient healthcare. Privacy window film can be applied to ICU’s, maternity wards, emergency rooms, and more to provide for the highest level of patient confidentiality and comfort. Energy saving window film is also a cost-friendly way to replace some of the fluorescent lighting in a hospital or healthcare building and allow natural sunlight to shine through the windows.

Schools, Colleges & Universities

As a principal or member of administration, you’re responsible for the health and safety of your staff and students. Safety and security window film can keep teachers and students out of harm’s way. This high tech film is designed to hold shattered glass in place, limiting the amount of damage caused by accidents, natural disasters, or acts of violence. We also offer whiteboard film which is a fun and unique product that can be added to classroom walls and windows to enhance the efficiency of your learning space.

Public & Government Buildings

Safety and security window film can help protect public and government buildings in several different ways. We offer security window films that provide a high level of defense against bomb blasts, graffiti, vandalism, and forced entry. With this type of window film, you can rest assured knowing that your building, employees, and private documents are continually safe and sound.

Start Saving Today

Now that you have all the information you need to make an educated business decision, it’s time to get started on cutting your operational costs with climate control & energy saving window film for your Austin business.

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