Concert Season is Approaching! How Stadium Window Film Can Help Make Austin Arenas Safer

Concert season is just around the corner! With the beautiful Spring weather on its way, event planning is starting up again with some incredible live performances planned for the Austin area. Concert venues throughout the city are always looking for better ways to defend guests as well as performers from all the numerous threats that can happen at any time. After the Manchester incident, many stadiums and arenas are looking for better ways to save potential lives and reduce the risk of injury. Stadium window film delivers a commercial solution for addressing safety and security.

The Advantages of Stadium Window Film for Your Austin Arena

Commercial safety and security window film is a great solution for minimizing the risk of injury and blast-related death from high impact events. Standard security film adds significant durability to your existing windows and glass doors for protection against natural disasters, break-ins, burglaries, freak accidents, and more. Specialty security film options include bomb blast protection and ballistic resistance. Bomb blast protection window film delivers excellent resistance against explosions, bombs, and more. Ballistic resistance window film provides resistance against gunfire– while there isn’t bulletproof glass in existence yet, this is the closest thing available on the market. Stadiums can also find privacy, energy efficiency, glare reduction, UV protection, and more in security films.

Work with Austin’s Preferred Commercial Window Film Contractor

Window Film Austin is honored to be the preferred commercial window film contractor serving the Austin metro area. Work with our security experts to create a custom security solution for your stadium or arena. With the largest selection of security films available, we guarantee you’ll find the right solution for your property. Experience quick installations just in time for concert season.

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