Impact Resistant Window Film For Natural Disaster Protection

Why Impact Resistant Window Film In Austin Is A Good Idea

We live in a day and age when increasingly strong storms and catastrophic events are becoming common.   Therefore we need to protect ourselves from the rising dangers of global warming; since it is at an all-time high and likely to continue to rise.  As such, commercial properties here in Austin and across the country must make provisions to get their buildings into code to the new, increased safety standards.  These standards are proven to increase the survivability after catastrophic natural events. Here at Window Film Austin, we carry a number of window films, specifically engineered to make glass windows and doors safer and lower glass-related injuries due to natural disasters or from natural dangers like UV exposure.  Read on to learn how Impact-resistant window film on your Austin commercial space keeps you, your tenants and their employees safer than ever before during potentially deadly situations.

Impact Resistant Window Film For Earthquakes/Seismic Events

Impact resistant Window film is a fantastic way to stay safer during seismic events.  In some states, window film or similar measures are already required. When an earthquake strikes, glass windows are put under incredible stress; this causes them to shatter, fall out and even explode.  Since falling or exploding shards of glass are extremely dangerous to occupants, pedestrians and property, Impact resistant window film, is a smart, effective safety measure.

Impact Resistant Window Film For Hurricanes And Tornados

As an owner or manager of an Austin commercial space with impact resistant window film on it, you can remain calm even during storms because this amazing innovation will help protect against the repercussions of severe storms.  Your windows may shatter but will stay in place after impact with impact resistant window film and attachment systems and C-Bond adhesive.  This greatly reduces physical harm and destroyed property–saving the lives of those in your building and saving you money on extensive repairs.

Impact Resistant Window Film To Block UV Rays

Although not technically a “natural disaster”  the ever-increasing intensity of UV rays from a disappearing atmosphere is a risk.  Therefore, window film, which blocks 99.9% of UV rays is a good way to protect the eyes and skin of your very valuable workforce and tenants.

Read the PDF below for more information on window film for natural disasters


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