Are Low-E Windows the Same as Low-E Window Film? 

The phrase Low-E gets thrown around a lot in the window business. Both when you buy new windows for your Austin home or business or Low-E window film. To the average person, the phrase doesn’t mean a whole lot.  So we wanted to explain just what Low-E is and isn’t and if Low-E windows are the same as windows treated with Low-E Window film.

Low-E Window Film vs. Low-E Glass

The phrase Low-E technically means “low emissivity” but that doesn’t really roll off the tongue. It basically means the emissivity or travel or heat through the glass is lower than the standard rating of .33. So to be a Low-E glass or window film both need to perform below a .33 in insulating and rejecting heat to be Low-E. However, when it comes to comparing the two, the clear winner in price and performance is Low-E window film. Why? Because today’s Low-E window films Newer have ratings as low as 0.07 (93% of heat reflected from coming into your home). Even the very best, most expensive Low-E glass only performs the same as a mid to high range Low-E window film–still costing 10x more. Therefore, if money saving is what you are on the hunt for– Low-E window film is definitely the winner.

The Benefits of Low-E Window Film

The money-saving benefits of Low-E window film compared to Low-E glass and/or untreated windows is clear. However, this amazing technology has several other benefits too–nudging it even higher above replacement Low-E glass windows.

  1. Improved comfort: More even room temperatures in and around windows and throughout interiors
  2. Reduced glare: Better screen clarity and views inside and out. Some people even reporting better outside views after film.
  3. Energy savings: An average of 29% annual HVAC spending saved in some cases. 
  4. Reduced solar heat gain: A rejection of heat on windows directly proportional to the window film emissivity level. 
  5. Increased safety: Windows treated with film will break into small pieces rather than dangerous shards–making them more safe and secure.

Low-E window film compared to Low-E glass is by far the most effective and cost-effective! To learn more about this technology for your Austin home, contact us today for pricing!

Mike Kinsey is a window film expert. For the past 10 years, he has been working as the Operations Manager at Window Film Austin and overseeing commercial and residential window film installs of all types throughout the Austin area and the state of Texas. His extensive background in construction and project management gives him an in-depth understanding of architecture and the structural composition of buildings. Over the years, he and his team have installed over 250,000 square feet of window film ranging from robust security films to progressive energy efficient and decorative options. Mike engages in professional development courses and seminars on a regular basis, allowing him to stay up to date on industry trends and innovations. He is one of the top experts in his field and is certified by 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education.

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